Monday, April 4, 2011

Ham and Asparagus Fettuccine

Ham and Asparagus Fettuccine
If you're watching your sodium substitute reduced-sodium ham for regular ham. If will reduce the total sodium content by about one-fourth


1       - pound fresh asparagus
3       - cups chopped, cooked lean ham
         - Vegetable cooking spray
1       - recipe Alfredo Sauce (see Recipe)
1       - (12-ounce) package fettuccine, cooked without salt or fat


Step 1
- Snap off rough ends of asparagus. Remove scales from stalks with a knife or vegetable peeler, if desired. Cut diagonally into 1/2-inch slices.

Step 2
- Cook asparagus in a small amount of boiling water 3 minutes. Drain well, and set aside.

Step 3
- Cook ham in a large nonstick skillet coated with cooking spray over medium heat, stirring constantly, until thoroughly heated.

Step 4
- Stir in Alfredo Sauce. Add fettuccine and asparagus, and toss gently before serving.

Yield: 6 servings

Calories 430 (15% from fat)
Fat 7.3g (0.7g saturated)
Cholesterol 46mg
Sodium 1469mg
Carbohydrate 53g
Fiber 3g
Protein 37.5g

Recipe By: Linda Magers
From: Clemmons, North Carolina
Book: Southern Living
Page: 121

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